Open studio tour in Northeast Minneapolis

Art-A-Whirl Map

Locate Artists & More with the Art-A-Whirl Map!

NEMAA’s Art-A-Whirl map is available within the printed Artist Directory & Guide or click to download below.

Download the 2018 Art-A-Whirl Map

The Art-A-Whirl map includes:

  • A map of Northeast Minneapolis, and a zoomed in map of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District
  • Information booth locations (in the NE Arts District, pick up a free Artist Directory & Guide here)
  • Art-A-Whirl artist locations, designated by a red dot
  • Art-A-Whirl locations with 10+ Artists, designated by a starred red dot
  • Local business supporters, designated by a blue dot
  • Dining & refreshment locations, including local restaurants and taproom locations, designated by a blue square
  • Community/Family-Friendly events, designated by a light blue tent
  • The trolley route, designated by a light blue line, stops are shown as light blue squares within the route
  • Free parking lot locations
  • Bike trails, lanes, and shared roads
  • Popular bus routes

View where free water stations, restrooms, family friendly studios, and accessible buildings are located, plus more on our Art-A-Whirl FAQ page

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