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One of NEMAA’s core principles is that the path of a professional artist should be open to anyone, regardless of race, age, gender, or socioeconomic background. We recognize that various barriers exist to becoming an artist and maintaining an artistic practice, including:

The Forward Fund allows NEMAA to address these barriers by providing free memberships for student artists, and half-priced memberships for emerging artists. Currently, student and emerging artists make up 34% of NEMAA artist members. All artists receive the same benefits as individual artist members, including:

Land Acknowledgment and Reparations

New in 2024. NEMAA is based on Dakota makoce, the homeland of the Dakota people. As a way to honor the Dakota people who continue to live, work, and create in Minnesota, NEMAA offers free memberships to all Dakota and Native artists.

Forward Fund Contributors

At the grass-roots level, the Forward Fund is supported in part by contributions from NEMAA member artists, galleries, and businesses in addition to their member dues. Forward Fund contributors choose to create opportunities for advancement for other artists, strengthening our community with mutual support.


Interested in supporting the Forward Fund?

Help NEMAA keep memberships accessible for all by contributing today. Contact Anna Becker at for more information.


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