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What is Art-A-Whirl?

Art-A-Whirl is a self-directed open studio tour throughout all of Northeast Minneapolis, with over 1,300 artists participating at 100 sites over the course of three days. In addition to interacting directly with artists and their work, visitors can experience art demos, activities, performances, and music. Northeast Minneapolis is also home to dozens of restaurants and breweries.

When is Art-A-Whirl?

May 17—19, 2024.

Where is Art-A-Whirl?

All over! Art-A-Whirl happens at artist studio buildings, galleries, businesses, and even homes during the weekend. You can use NEMAA’s Art-A-Whirl Map to navigate the event, our online Directory to find artists you want to visit, and our Activities page to find info about demos, performances, and more.

How do I participate?

View our How to Participate page! You need to join NEMAA by March 1, 2024 in order to be included in the printed Directory & Art-A-Whirl Guide. After that date, you will be represented online only.

Where can I use the bathroom?

Almost every participating Art-A-Whirl location has bathrooms, you just need to look for signage or ask. For restrooms with baby-changing stations in both women’s and men’s rooms, NEMAA has an Accessibility icon that notes “Baby Changing Station” on individual sites pages from the Art-A-Whirl map.

Can I bring my dog?

That may not be the best idea. Crowds and noise can be really stressful for pups, and some people are not comfortable with animals in their spaces. So unless your dog is a service animal, consider leaving your pets at home.

Is Art-A-Whirl my only chance this year to experience the Northeast art scene?

Heck no! NEMAA members are active year-round, and several studio buildings hold monthly Open Studios. Check out NEMAA’s Events page for all the cool happenings that our 1,500+ members are up to, and sign up for our monthly Audience Newsletter to stay in the loop!


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