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I’m proud of you – Sos Boes

Original pencils on paper 14″x 17″.

This painting represents another of the main characters of the intriguing Ottana Carnival with sos Merdules: sos Boes.

Su Boe (the Ox) wears white sheep skins and a chiseled pearwood bovine mask, a black women’s headscarf on his head and he carries a bronze cowbell bunch on his back.

Sos Merdules and sos Boes walk the street in a disorderly and rowdy parade. The origin of this ceremony dates back to the apotropaic rites of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Some of the peculiarities of the Ottana Carnival derive from the so-called “cult of the ox”, followed since the Neolithic age in all the agricultural and pastoral societies of the ancient Mediterranean, where the bull was a symbol of strength, vitality and fertility.

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