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Q.arma Building

1224 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
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My work as an artist explores the voices of curios and collectibles, the lost artifact, or forgotten story, the consumable good or souvenir, each with their own history and use, each with their own significance and association, yet each imbued with the potential to say more. My work seeks to carry the multiplicity of references and indications of their original voice, their affective promise and disclosure and to develop a grammar of objects; to gather the fragments and fractures, the disruptions and denials of our world; the glimmering hope, resilience and renewal, and to discover the threads that bind local to global, personal to universal, to narrate my small piece of truth and weave it into this map of our making.

While much of my work is object-based in its inception and seeks to discover new ways to speak beyond the original voice of the object, it also endeavors to reach into the affective modes of perception, and how our interactions are not simply cognitive and cerebral, but also deeply rooted in our emotive and physiological selves. Frequently this calls for the creation of larger scale installations in order to charge the work with a multiplicity of evocative possibilities, to move the work from the call of the singular or the messy chatter of the many into the realm of a developing language of historical, spatial and temporal intersections.


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