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House Charm Pendant

These House Charms are based on an ancient non-clay ceramic process dating back around 5500 years. Known as Kharmohreh in Iran, Egyptian paste or Egyptian faience is considered as one of the first synthetic materials. In Mesopotamian cultures this method was originally used to make beads and small amulets. The beads were thought to ward off evil spirits and were seen as good luck charms or protectors. Unlike most glazed ceramic objects, these are self-glazing due to their mineral composition, and there is an alchemical magic that unfolds in the kiln giving the charms exquisite shades of blue. My House Charms have the sense of an ancient artifact, rich with meaning and history, and are intended to act as keeper of the house, protector, talisman, or simply to give one the love and warmth of home.

– Handmade with Kharmohreh paste
– Approx. 1″ x 1 1/2″ x 3/8″



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