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Thursday, January 1


Gamut Gallery
717 South 10th Street
Minneapolis, MN
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Cass Garner
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C4W:2021 Features (NEMAA artists are hyperlinked): Aidan Dillon, Alexandra Beaumont, Alondra M. Garza, Atzín Rayas, Ayana Figueroa, Ben DiNino, Ben Hering, Benjamin Wuest, Bo Young An, Buddah Jankey, Caryn Ann Bendrick, Christopher Harrison, Christopher Palbicki, CL Martin, Corinne Teed, Daniel Allyn Lee, Derek Meier, Emily Forbes, Helene Woods, Human Shaped Animal, Ilya Natarius, Ivonne Yáñez, Jacob Docksey, Jessica Kitzman, Jes Lee, Jordan Wiebe, Jorie Kosel, Kat Moon, Katie Robinson, Kristine Fretheim, Laurie Borggreve, Liza Ferrari, Lucy Comer, Lynda Mullan, Madison Rubenstein, Maria Quinn, Margaret Vergara, Nate Woodard, Sarah M. Sosa, Tchana Pierre, & Tiffany Lange

Our annual Call-4-Work exhibition is not a show that influences what art should be. Instead, the chosen guest curator brings their unique perspective and interpretation of the submitted works ranging the full “Gamut” of visual media. When Cándida González accepted the invite to curate this year’s C4W:2021, they went in as a blank canvas and let the artwork choose them, empowering the 197 artists to lead the way through all 836 submissions. Through our guest curator’s lens and perspective, this body of work presented the theme Elemental.

This year’s group exhibit will feature 43 artworks that Cándida has chosen to represent one of the foundational blocks of life, from7.00 the classical elements and human connections to life and death. The roots of all existing matter – earth, air, water and fire – are essential principles of life, each possessing an energy that when summoned has the power to ground us and heal during times of turmoil. For Cándida, these selected works embody a form of elemental energy that invites us to drop down from the chaos into the essential foundation of existence as life twists & changes around us. These artworks all create roots in the state of being that we return to in order to help us make sense of the confusion. – Join the FB Event: C4W:2021 – Elemental curated by Cándida González – Visit the exhibit online:


Wednesday, September 22nd // 7pm • $5 pre-sales, $7door, FREE for members
Featured Artists: Alondra M. Garza, Benjamin Wuest, Katie Robinson & Tchana Pierre
Pre-sales available and recommended
• Entry will be available at the door
• Masks required indoors

C4W guest curator, Cándida González, and Gamut Gallery’s director, Cass Garner, sit down for a conversation with four C4W artists to share about their processes, ideations and perspectives on current events.

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