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California Building

2205 California St NEa
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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I am a visual artist working in traditional media such as ink; gouache; oil paint; and more recently, collage. I explore themes of trauma, mental illness, and chronic pain; I am interested in how those experiences shape our relationship to our bodies. My paintings depict figurative images and abstractions of the human form. I paint experiences of control and surrender, contraction and expansion, tension and lightness. Whereas my monochromatic ink pieces capture the nuanced experiences of pain and pleasure, I also connect to feelings of playful optimism through my use of texture and color. I articulate rope in my paintings to restrain and wrap fleshy forms or figures. This binding portrays a sense of tension wrapped around comfort and containment. These images mirror my personal journey to create a more healed and integrated relationship with my body, while also depicting relatable struggles of being human.



Madison Rubenstein (she/zey) is a visual artist living in Minneapolis, MN. She has exhibited her work in several galleries and public spaces throughout Minnesota, including Co-Exhibitions, Northrup King Building, and Public Functionary. In 2013 Rubenstein earned her BFA in Drawing and Painting from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. She completed her first artist residency at Elsewhere Studios in Paonia, CO fall of 2019. Rubenstein now serves on Elsewhere’s board of directors and co-runs their Scholarship and Equity Committee. She also serves on the board for Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA). Rubenstein works in studio 207B in the California Building of Northeast Minneapolis. Her studio is open for every second Saturday of the month for Open Studios. She will also be open for Art-A-Whirl 2022 May 20-22. You can also book a private viewing of her studio by emailing



PATREON is a subscription-based platform where people can support their favorite artists and creatives with monthly contributions. There are several TIERS you can subscribe to in exchange for benefits, such as limited-edition prints, access to private art blogs, or your very own original artwork. 

Financial support from my patrons provides me with time and resources to focus on creating new art, applying for artist opportunities, and investing in new supplies or equipment for my painting studio.

I am offering Patreon awards for as low as a $1 monthly subscription. My awards include limited edition signed prints of my work, access to my private art blog and surprise art in the mail. There are long term awards available for subscribers for $20 or over, including original paintings and 15% off commissioned work. 


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Madison Rubenstein has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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