Gwen Partin


    Individual Artist
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    Drawing, Printmaking
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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 452


I work in drawing, printmaking and book arts. My work is about interpreting the natural world with a perspective on what we experience in life and includes elements relating to nature, the body, words, texture and pattern. In all my work, I am balancing on degrees of control and playfulness, letting the materials be what they will create, while having specific influence from my hands to get to a particular result.

In printmaking I use monotype, cut paper stencils, relief blocks and collagraph plates. My process involves making matrices that create a lexicon of parts I then collage back together. Monotypes is a painterly way of printmaking where I use rollers and brushes to apply ink to a plexiglass plate and transfer the image to paper with an etching press.

My new work explores the relationship of people and their environment, reflecting on and questioning how humans fit in the schema of nature. This work calls attention to the beauty of the human nature relationship, in the spirit of quiet gratitude. This query provides me a platform for image making in things that interest me; how patterns emerge within natural phenomena as well as those that occur when nature is intervened by human innovation. I’m exploring what’s left behind, what lies at the edges, where human and nature connect, abut, intersect and overlap, the remnants or fossils in nature and the human imprint.

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