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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Why Art Now!!!

Some of us go through life doing what is expected of us; our jobs, our family,our social obligations. Then, Something happens, or perhaps a series of things happen, to make us look at what we are doing differently and perhaps do the unexpected. Becoming an artist after practicing law for over 32 years was certainly unexpected by everyone, including me! For whatever reasons, of which I am sure there are many, I did not take the time to explore my creative sideband allow myself to do something I love to do. Now, Ihave made time in my life to work on this passion that was buried somewhere inside of me. I discovered alcohol ink and I am exploding. This medium is hard to control and has a mind of its own but, just like with people, you can get to know alcohol ink and learn to love it. And just like with most things in life,if  one practices long enough and works on ones skills,one can learn to maser a technique and perhaps create some beautiful pieces of art. I love this new chapter in my life and I look forward to many more years of enjoying my new found talent. I hope you enjoy its much as I do.

Sharon Herland

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