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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Peter D’Ascoli has worked in both ceramics and medicine for over 40 years across the US. He is drawn to pottery because of the pleasure of touch. His ceramics includes thrown, hand built, functional and sculptural pieces. Peter’s work is meant to be approachable and available as well as carrying a message even if that message might be enigmatic at times.   Dr D’Ascoli’s current ceramic interest includes not only the ongoing coordination of utility and aesthetics but a growing interest in materials.

For this year’s Art-A Whirl there is a new collections of pots that are inspired after a tour through the Whitney Museum in NYC.  A unique use of surface with bare and glazed sections utilizing a dark clay body at high fire.  As further alterations occurred in the series I came to call these Belly Pots.  Another addition has been platters with tracks and openings.  Hope you enjoy viewing them all.


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Peter D’Ascoli takes online orders for pickup and shipping through this website. They also take orders through their own website.

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Peter D’Ascoli takes commissions.

Online Store

Peter D’Ascoli also takes orders through their own website:

The Newest Addition: Belly Pots link to this group

This group is my most recent work.  Starting with a trip through the Whitney in NYC I was inspired by a piece seen there.  The technique of raw, and stained clay contracted with glaze is an area i have been interested in for some time, this seems the most successful.  The shapes morphed into round accentuated carve outs that leant a new and unique look which I have dubbed belly pots.

Vases, Bottles and Jars link to this group

These are a collection of items most of which could be used to hold flowers. They all can stand on their own without a floral addition as well.  Bottles will hold liquid and are food safe.

Dinner Sets for Special Order link to this group

Individually thrown and glazed; results will vary.

Wine Tumblers and other drinking vessels link to this group

Drinking tumblers mugs and tea cups.  Some usable as wine glasses. Some for hot drinks  Some with an emphasis on the feel of the grasp.  Individually thrown and glazed; results will vary. Custom orders in small or large quantity on request.

Bowls link to this group

These bowls and bowl sets  are meant for serving, mixing or display of food.  Some are particularly strong statements of their own, as they reference social ideals from a show titled “Arc of the Moral Universe”.

How Dave could make such a life, When race was rife with strife? link to this group

Pitchers link to this group

Pitchers that would enhance any table

Platters link to this group

These platters are a recent addition to the offerings here. Some Porcelain, one especially large platter, and a new direction for me in decorative additions.

Sculptures link to this group

A step away from the functional.  These are personal reflections and interpertations

Fruit Strainers link to this group

Place in the sink or in a larger bowl fresh blueberries, strawberries are easily rinsed.

Saki Sets link to this group

Japanese inspired sets for Saki containing a tokkoi (pouring vessel) and a number of ochoko (cups)

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