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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
Map & Directions

Michelle Plombon

Abstract Artist &Potter

I began my exploration of the arts back in 2006 when I signed up for my first Pottery class. Always intrigued by Expressionistic and Abstract art, a fellow potter inspired me to take an Abstract painting class. After taking my first class I was hooked. I stumbled on both my style and technique when I was attempting to stretch the amount of paint I had mixed. I took whatever was left on my palette paper, ran a texture tool through it and then applied the paper directly on the canvas. I loved the spontaneous shapes, designs, textures and combination of colors. Over the years, I have changed some of my paper and canvas techniques and am constantly growing and expanding my style.

Currently, my work is available for private showings and purchase at Follow the Muse Gallery located in The Northrup King Building, 1500 Jackson St NE, Studio 166, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

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Michelle Plombon takes online orders for pickup and shipping through this website.

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Michelle Plombon takes commissions.

Online Store

Anything Goes link to this group

Blues Appeal link to this group

Blushing Linens link to this group

Chasing Joy link to this group

An exercise in freedom – a loosening of the energy between arm and brush. Wild lines of true bliss, finding peace within the spaces.

Expressing Chartreuse link to this group

Like buds on branches against late winter’s sky, resilience resides in the dark – lending hope for growth and changing season. Expressing Chartreuse was born amidst times of reckoning and recovery.

In Harmony link to this group

Keeping It Cool link to this group

A retrospective of basic shapes, repeating patterns, textures in a limited palette.

Making a Wish link to this group

More Than Wishing link to this group

Painting is the journey of a thousand ideas, hopes and dreams. Layer upon layer, covered and yet revealed.

Morning Oasis link to this group

Morning Oasis is a series of paintings inspired by that most magical time of day – when darkness cedes to light and the faint colors of dawn dance upon the horizon, fulfilling the promise of a new day.

Northern Muster link to this group

Inspired by Michelle’s husband’s dream retirement – fishing everyday at their lake cabin – Northern Muster reminds us in a fun and whimsical way,about the intricate relationship between man and nature.

He sits quietly waiting, fishing pole in hand
as the sun rises at his back.
Throughout the day – one by one – he hauls in his catch
and he stops at five.

Shadows and Shades link to this group

Small and Sassy link to this group

Sunny Swagger link to this group

This series is inspired by the small, but mighty Sunfish.

Whether reflecting winter’s frost or the vibrant colors of summer,
Sunfish are ever present in our lovely Minnesota lakes.

Urban Threads link to this group

Wallters Gone Wild link to this group

Wallters’ gone wild and left the world behind – moved to a cabin in the woods on a lake
where the walleyes are happy and always take the bait.

As the calm waters of a lake restore balance to our sometimes complicated lives,
these walleye-inspired paintings provide refreshing space amidst their many layers and fine details.

Events & Classes

Nothing scheduled yet – please check back soon!

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