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1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Leni Erickson

Artist Statement


I am exploring: What makes something  a “prayer bead” or a “medicine necklace?” 

Most cultures have them. What are they exploring?  How is it different than jewelry?

How does it link and connect to the Unified Field and Quantum Field theory?

This inquiry leads me to search out elements and processes that are actively used in cultures around the world.  Artisans, often in remote villages, are honored and delighted to be part of this urban process.  Some elements have been made the same way for over 500 years.  These artisans love hearing people’s interest and regard, and I delight in staying connected with them. 

One collection I call “Field Studies: Space, Time, Energy and Matter.”  My intention was to create a collection of pieces in which we can explore these Field theories.  Then randomly, I found a stone cutter who purchased and cut beads from paver stones from the sidewalk at Einstein’s house in Bern, Switzerland. Perfect.  I love mixing science and spirituality. 

All my beads embody a deep respect for multiple traditions, and allow a new fusion to occur.  The pieces arise out of their own singular intent, exploring self awareness and mastery.

While the beads are objects of beauty, may they deepen perceptions and stir conversations. 

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