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Guest at: Grain Belt Bottling House – 79

79 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Map & Directions

My name is Kordula Coleman and I am a figurative ceramic sculptor. I live and work in Northeast Minneapolis.

After immigrating to the US in 2000 from Cologne, Germany, I rekindled my love for sculpting with clay.
I started sculpting at an early age and am a ceramic journeyman. My biggest challenge and achievement can be seen in the taproom of the local Hispanic brewery La Doña Cerveceria – my piece ‘La Doña’. It is a large, almost life size Day of the Dead sculpture, permanently installed since 2018.

Communicating my thoughts and emotions through my art is really important to me. I want to reach out to viewers through my art, and highlight our shared humanity. My goal is to create art that viewers can connect with in a direct, intuitive way. To accomplish that is one of my greatest rewards.



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Kordula Coleman is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

Hi art appreciators! I will be a guest artist at Grain Belt Bottling House during Art-A-Whirl again this year. Come meet me and my birds and busts and some of my larger pieces at this great venue from Friday, May 20 to Sunday, May 22!

Hours are:
Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday Noon – 8pm
Sunday Noon – 5pm

To Support Ukraine, I will donate 15% of my net proceeds from Art-A-Whirl to Ukraine and refugee rescue organizations. I will split that amount between these organizations:

World Central Kitchen
International Rescue Committee 


Online Sales

Kordula Coleman takes online orders for pickup and shipping through this website.

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By appointment only. Please indicate desired pickup times when you check out.


Kordula Coleman takes commissions.

Online Store

Opinionated Birds link to this group

I started making these birds on a day in January this year when I felt low about the state of the world and some personal challenges. What was meant to be just a small series has evolved into a vessel to communicate my everyday thoughts, hopes and coping mechanisms. Apart from being beautiful and comfortingly plump objects to hold in your hand, some of these birds also serve as bud bases, incense holders or candle holders.
I am open for commissions – for an additional $15, the decor on these birds can be customized to your specific wishes! Raku firing will always add an element of unpredictability and surprise, which makes these birds extra special and completely unique.

Emo Busts link to this group

These busts are part of an ongoing series advocating openness about our mental health – on both good and bad days, and not treating mental health challenges like a contagious disease.



Raku heads link to this group

These small scale Raku fired head reliefs are meant to evoke a feeling of relaxation and letting go. I also had fun playing with facial features and glaze accents to express the endless variations that are possible with the human face. Raku firing added some dramatic blackening and metallic effects to the glaze, and even some cracklé. These can be used indoors or outdoors, Laura flat or hung on a wall. Just avoid exposing them to freezing temps.

Little Red




Brave women link to this group

This mini Raku sculpture series is dedicated to women both real and fictional whose story has inspired me to be brave, take courage and take control of my fate as much as possible.

They can all either be displayed laying flat or hanging on a wall.

Raku firing has given them the unique metallic effects, blackening and delicate cracklé on some pieces characteristic for this kind of firing, making each piece completely one of a kind.









Hand Angels link to this group

These small angel sculptures are meant to make you feel protected, and can be held in your palm for meditation and focusing purposes, or hung on a wall. They are Raku fired and have acquired beautiful metallic effects and some delicate cracklé in this unique firing process. They are all completely one of a kind.



Brave women teabag receptacles link to this group

These hand sculpted, hand painted plates feature  portraits of women that have inspired me – artists, civil rights fighters, or Renaissance princesses. You will find Aretha Franklin next to Jean Seberg, Katherine Grey or Louise Erdrich.

The plates can be used to cover a teacup and hold the tea bag after steeping, or for serving or eating snacks or small sides. They are all non toxic, lead free and food safe.









Brave women coasters link to this group

These hand sculpted, hand painted coasters feature  portraits of women that have inspired me – artists, civil rights fighters, or Renaissance princesses. You will find Sylvia Plath next to Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou and Mary Oliver.
The coasters did warp a bit during firing, so might not be suitable for a delicate long stem glass, but will work for a mug or pint glass and definitely to put beneath a hot pan.











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