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Northrup King Building

1500 Jackson Street Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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Striving to show the essence of people in action motivates me. To capture human gestures, I draw and sculpt directly on clay wall pieces and vessels while observing a live model. The model and I work as a team, determining and adjusting poses to best describe the gesture that I have selected.  Working with models in my studio, connections are made during our conversations. These conversations become part of the piece.

I sculpt and draw a series of actions to show the drama of the gesture.  For each piece models show several gestures, usually as a fluid series. These poses require the model to move then stop then start again – frequently stopping in awkward/challenging poses.  I use trained dancers as models for their ability to be expressive and hold demanding poses.

Like every human action, the ceramic process I use involves many layers.  For each layer I observe the model in the same pose over several sessions. During these sessions I sculpt in wet clay, draw and paint in an effort to capture these gestures on the piece. Each layer gives me a new surface where I can react to the model. With each new surface I get a restart. The model is both familiar and new. The lines and colors feel fresh and intuitive. Observing the model new at each layer creates images that are raw, expressive and show only the most essential gestures.

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