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Tray: Edition 1

Organic Wooden Tray Sculptural Decor

This decor piece is sure to stop your guests in their tracks. The mid-century modern curves of this all “edge-grain” Baltic birch europly piece make it an excellent choice for your entry table, coffee table, or anywhere you feel needs a pop of retro style.

This is one of our favorite decor pieces and it’s easy to see why. To make this wooden tray, we took Baltic birch europly and laminated multiple sheets together, then turned it on edge, creating our own specialty sheet of wood. When the wooden tray is carved, “ripples” of the plywood layers create an incredibly satisfying effect.

The organic shape of the tray is all mid-century and ever so retro. It stands out as purely a sculptural decor item, can be used as a catch-all tray, or even for serving snacks *. The curves of the sides are luxurious to feel and will be an eye-catcher for everyone who comes across it.

This item pairs so well with the Organic Coffee Table that we’re often asked if they’re attached to each other! Perhaps you should pick up both!

*if using this as a snack tray, use a cloth napkin layer between the tray and the food items.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis. Made to order.


This item is for sale on the external shop for Hossle Woodworks.

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