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Entryway Bench: Edition 1

Edge Grain Baltic Birch Bench for your Entryway, Living Room, or Bedroom

Made from a time-intensive process of laminating multiple sheets of Baltic birch together, this Entryway Bench is a showstopper.  It’ll look great no matter where you put it – in your foyer, mudroom, or as a seat in your living room. The mid-century modern simplicity of the overall design contrasts nicely with the complex lines of the nearly 300 layers of solid birch.

This piece will wow guests with its complexity and simplicity. You read that right. It’s got a simple and clean mid-century modern style, but the detail and complexity of the piece is a stunner. Perfect as an entryway bench, a footboard bench, or it’s even been used as a coffee table!

What appears from a distance to be a straight-lined wood grain, similar to bamboo, up close reveals itself as something more. We start with 20 pieces of 1 ½” wide Baltic birch europly to make this bench. After laminating them together on their faces, we turn them 90 degrees and are left with our own specialty sheet, where only the edges of the ply are showing. In its finished form, there are nearly 300 thin strips of solid birch running across the bench.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis. Made to Order.


This item is for sale on the external shop for Hossle Woodworks.

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