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2546 Central Ave NE
Suite 1
Minneapolis, MN 55418
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A community-minded, mission bound 501(c)(3) since 1984 perfectly describes the Holland Neighborhood Improvement Association (HNIA). We support the people, places and artistic cultural hub within and around this vibrant, welcoming and creative community that is – and that is located in – the heart of northeast Minneapolis. Our purpose is simple and centers on improving the quality of life for our neighbors. We champion a broad view of ‘neighbor’ to include everyone and everything. We inform the community of local matters across its publications and communications. We creatively promote businesses and resources that inspire innovative action. We advocate for equitable systems, processes and policies. We support Art, Energy, and Innovation in all our decision-making as we strive to Serve, Represent & Build the Holland Neighborhood in NE Minneapolis.

Events & Classes

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