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Safeword: an Erotic Art Show

Safe·word: An Erotic Art Show

/ˈsāfwərd/ noun

  1. A word serving as a prearranged and unambiguous signal to end an activity, such as between a dominant and submissive sexual couple.

  2. To introduce artists from all over the world who have an indulgence to share their erotic voice in a deep dark catacomb under the city of Minneapolis.

  3. A space for erotic performers, demonstrators, and educators to showcase disciplines and knowledge centering sex, eroticism, and sexual behaviors.

Hello Artists,

We are pleased to announce that our erotic art show, Safeword, is back for a second iteration. Once again, we are being hosted in the museum gallery at A-Mill Artist Lofts near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis, MN. It is beautiful and private – perfect for something discreet. As in 2020, this will be a one weekend only, ticketed event. Opening nights are Friday, February 11th and Saturday, February 12th, 2022.

We are looking for gallery art from visual artists and vendors. As a reminder, OAC will not be doing a sales table at this event so if you wish to sell prints, jewelry, or other items you may apply for a vendor table.

If you are interested in participating please submit your application through our Google Form below by November 13th, 2021. We ask for 3-5 examples of your work, however it does not have to be the piece you plan to show. Due to the limited space of the gallery, artists will only be able to show one piece. This event will be juried by an anonymous panel. Acceptance letters will be sent out by November 20th, 2021.

If accepted, we ask for a fee of $20.00 from artists and $75.00 from vendors. See attached Artist Guidelines for guidance on basic FAQs.

Application links below.



Recap of important dates:

We look forward to your submissions.

Thank you,

The Otherworldly Arts Collective


November 13, 2021


Contact: Otherworldly Arts Collective

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