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Saturday, January 7Thursday, January 26


Rumrive art gallery
2665 4th Avenue
Anoka, MN
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Spiritus is centered around two of Sanjukta Mitra’s favorite painting series “ Celestial Healers” and “ Inner Voyage” , Mitra invite the viewers to unfold many dimensions and explore the depths of spirituality through these series. Mysteries of the inner realm of consciousness have always intrigued Mitra, as they say, the only way to changing the world is by changing one’s mind.
Painting series “Inner voyage” is an attempt to invoke the desire of looking within, living life consciously and discover inner peace.When you look at these paintings, you connect to your soul, explore it, dive deep into your consciousness and ultimately be what you genuinely are.
On the other hand “Celestial Healers” is an artistic juxtaposition of Greek Gods/goddess and spirit animals. Greek Gods that are messengers of love and guide our souls, manifesting through the spirit animal totems.”

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