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Wednesday, January 12Saturday, March 5


Fresh Eye Gallery
4238 Nicollet Avenue
Minneapolis, MN
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Lauren Hughes
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Fresh Eye Gallery presents Rainbow-ish, an exhibition exploring joy and exuberance. Throughout history and in many cultures, rainbows have represented optimism, promise, and hope. “Rainbows represent happiness, abundance, and togetherness, as well as family, equality, and awakening,” says Rainbow-ish artist Danielle Day.

We are living in unprecedented times. With all the daunting challenges that face humanity worldwide; COVID-19, climate change, racial and economic inequality, optimism seems to be in short supply. This exhibition features work that is bright, colorful, and generated for the sheer joy of creating something from nothing.

The exhibiting artists are Danielle Day, Deja Day, Dede Decker, Ryan Suckow, and Lucas Williams. All are self-taught artists supported by Fresh Eye Arts, a progressive art studio supporting artists with disabilities.

Danielle Day explores a variety of artistic styles in her work with color and positivity at the forefront. Grids, numbers, and color fill Deja Day’s pieces. Her abstract drawings and collages are created with a sense of urgency and determination. Dede Decker’s embroidery and rug hooking pieces feature cats of all sizes and colors. Ryan Suckow’s intuitive drawings include flowers, animals, and food. Lucas Williams experiments with layering and depth in his acrylic paintings. He creates abstract caverns, windows, and doors of color that leave something to the imagination.

With barriers starting to break down for marginalized groups at the same time as our democratic systems, civil discourse, and climate are starting to crumble, the cognitive dissonance of our time is palpable. Oscillating between intuition and intention, the works of Rainbow-ish fly in the face of our current state of affairs by exemplifying optimism and encouraging hope.

The opening reception on January 21st from 6-8pm is free and open to the public.

Fresh Eye Gallery is an intentionally inclusive community space. The gallery is an extension of our Fresh Eye Arts progressive art studio program and encourages radical inclusion. We are owned and operated by MSS, a local nonprofit organization supporting individuals with disabilities.

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