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Thursday, January 1
1:30pm - 5:30pm




Malcom Potek
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4 hours on our equipment with a set of student tools, table workspace and quarter shelf portion of 24″ round kiln to fire your projects.

Fusing Firing Schedule:

Step 1: 4 hour ramp to 1500, 15 minute hold

Step 2: Drop to 960, 1 hour 30 minute hold

Step 3: 3 hours 30 minute drop to 700

Step 4: Kiln Off

Want your project slumped into one of our molds.  No problem.  A slumping fee of $25 will allow our staff to set up and fire your project after fusing is complete.

Also available at Open Kiln: Bullseye fusible system glass for purchase. A wide color palette and variety of sheet, rod and frit glass are available for purchase.

Need more kiln space?

$50 to upgrade to a full 24″ round shelf (24″x24″)

$40 to upgrade to a 1/2 shelf (11″x24″)

Upgrades available at Open Kiln session.

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