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Friday, April 12Sunday, April 14
6:00pm - 9:00pm


Artspace Jackson Flats
Artspace Jackson (Jac) Flats
18 1/2 Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, MN
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Ben Hering
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“Movement.” is a two-person collaboration by Minneapolis artists, Emiel Gregor and Ben Hering.

This exhibition showcases the artists’ individual and joint explorations of movement, its connotations and various meanings. The resulting body of work is a vibrant display of expressive gestures, bold palettes, and suggestions of figures and forms throughout visual and auditory mediums. The show includes paintings, an installation and an 11-track ambient album.

The “Movement.” exhibition will be available for viewing for one weekend only, beginning with an opening event on Friday, April 12 from 6-9 p.m.

About the artists:

Emiel Gregor is a visual artist living and working in Minneapolis Minnesota. He is a self taught mixed media painter. He is most interested in the visual diary that the canvas can provide. He puts layer upon layer as a testament to each day that he works and uses the full length of his arms to create movement within the colors and impressions within each piece. Emiel works exclusively in large formats, as for him the movement is as important to the piece as the colors. His pieces are abstract works using acrylic paint, spray paint, and permanent markers. These means and methods combine to create a two dimensional work of art that appears to be in action or moving that range from quasi figurative and explosions, to more serene moments like a pond or other bodies of water.

Ben Hering is a self-taught artist in Minneapolis, sharing his work since 2020. Since finding a life of sobriety, a re-awakening of clarity has manifested as a bloom of creation for Ben. His concepts utilize ancestral photos, religious and mythological imagery, and a multitude of layers, to explore the complexity of our developed identity. Through found wood and materials, covering old work with new pigments and sawing and sanding, Ben’s latest work brings a playfulness through bright palettes and bold shapes. The relationship of the natural, spiritual and the human experience continues to be his fixation.


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