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Thursday, March 10Saturday, April 30
9:00am - 5:00pm


Silverwood Park
Silverwood Park
2500 County Rd E, St Anthony, MN 55421
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Eileen Cohen
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In Feast!, Amelia Biewald explores Renaissance food, consumption, and banquet culture. She offers scrumptious and alluring presentations of food appropriate for the grandest dinner party. No grocery stores, no pre-packaged meats. During the Renaissance, if you could catch it, you ate it, and usually ALL of it. As compared to those of the 16th century, our eating habits are boring and our display of comestibles is far less grand. Viewers will be satiated by the visual delights of Feast!

Biewald creates provocative paintings and installation worlds combining playfulness with seduction while maintaining an incredible level of craft. Extensive research into both historical narratives and physical materials provide a unique new look into multi-layered environments that provoke a sense of wonder and desire, but also a potential for menace. She recreates intrigues, telling stories about the confluence of myth, history, science, and scandal.
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