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Jackson (Jac) Flats

901 18 1/2 Avenue Northeast
Minneapolis, MN
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I am a  full time autistic mixed media artist and photographer. As a coping mechanism for both my autism and various traumas resulting in symptoms including severe anxiety, I’ve developed habits of incorporating counting objects. This first started at a young age in my stimming while under pressure in public but has continued into adulthood. I limit my exposure to the outside world to some degree but have found that if I’m in a state of panic, that distractive habits like counting or taking photos of everything around me is very helpful. I will often return home from a rare evening out with over 1,000 photos to sift through and quickly gained the reputation of being the one who captures “all the moments in time”.
Having visual fixations on minutia helps my cognitive functions. I’m often drawn to textured object of interest and my point of view is less symmetrical than it is askew.
I use my photography and mixed media as a conduit for my mind to remain tethered to reality as best I can and to sort through the chaos in my brain.
Abstract painting helps to reduce the noise and static in my head. Surrounding myself in vibrant colors and painting in them as well, helps me relax. While others are drawn to more sedate colors and the use of meditation to help wind down, I’m most relaxed when surrounded by color in every aspect of my life.  I have learned over time to create downtime but still struggle at times with periods of restlessness and sleepless nights. When I eventually do fall asleep, I’ve been known to “paint walk” as others sleep walk. At times I have found paintings on my easel in the morning that I do not remember creating..
The results of my overstimulated brain seem to have interested many who describe my work as anything between Whimsical and macabre.

I make a very large variety of work starting with small $4.00 magnets and $15.00 prints all the way up to 54×54 abstract paintings.
I am open for studio visits by appointment . I sell smaller items  wholesale and by consignment in local stores.  Please contact for details
All photos and prints you see in this gallery are available for purchase in magnets and prints (aside from a very small handful which are magnets only).
I have a very large body of work so I will continue to add more for awhile longer.

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JobyLynn Sassily-James is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday of Art-A-Whirl weekend.

My building (art space Jackson Flats) is not open for art-a-whirl this year so I will be among the guest artists on the 3rd floor of  the solar arts building for the entire weekend of art-a-whirl  where I will have small work available including prints, magnets and some small originals.
I will have larger work displayed during art-a-whirl on the walls of The Mill NE restaurant (1851 Central Ave NE) and  as always, work can be seen by appointment at my studio.

available all weekend

Friday 5-9

Saturday 12-9

Sunday 12-6

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JobyLynn Sassily-James has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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JobyLynn Sassily-James takes commissions.

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JobyLynn Sassily-James has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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