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As a Minneapolis based, mixed-media painter, my work explores themes of urban life, living in the digital age and the human figure. I primarily create with acrylic paint, drawing tools and found objects. The found material I incorporate into my art serves an important role in the conceptual part of each piece. Some examples of found materials I have used in the past have been dead laptops, Metro Transit tickets, coffee cups and bed sheets. 

I am inspired by music videos created by art pop artists such as Björk, contemporary visual art movements such as Net Art, and the poetic elements of everyday life. I am fascinated by multi-layered complexity in built systems such as the architecture of buildings, coding of a computer, and algorithms of social media platforms. Similarly, I am interested in the roles and relationships that humans have with these interactive systems. 

A lot of my work fits into the realm of self-portraiture, as I am examining and reflecting on my own role within these structures. I want to point out the absurdity of some of the unspoken expectations that these roles entail in our modern society. I emphasize on these absurdities in a way that the final artwork looks surreal or placed in a magic realist setting upon first glance.

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