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My work right now focuses on in-between spaces, and what it means to be a queer individual interacting and attempting to reclaim a space that maybe doesn’t quite exist.


I’ve been interested in queer domesticity and what it’s like living in and occupying these liminal spaces, whether that be a positive or negative experience. It’s not always good or bad, complex or simple, but it’s normal. These spaces we inhabit are no different than any other, they are meant to be reclaimed and lived in. They are spaces of transition and are often temporary and ever-changing, something that I find cohesive with my own sexuality, queerness, and identity. “Coming out” can be a continuous process and navigating and occupying these spaces became important as I created a temporary home for myself. This made me reflect on what it was like to come out for the first time, and what that continuous path involves as I pass through these liminal spaces both physically and as I continually grow and further “come out”. Home may not ever be a physical location for myself, but rooting myself with items/ideas of home is something that I hope will help as I find where is comfortable and how to navigate the uncomfortable. 


My process often involves stone lithography, which being an intense process, is very meditative for me. Drawing these domestic settings and printing on these domestic objects is a way for me and hopefully others to find and reclaim and occupy the spaces in-between. Please visit my website (link below) to view more of my work, or purchase available prints, books, and drawings.

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Brian Wagner has an external system for taking orders, separate from this website.

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