Katie Garrett, MPLSART.COM
Katie Garrett is a fierce lover of art and co-owner of MPLSART.COM. She’s passionate about style, truth, and challenging convention. With a background in fine art, and a BFA in Advertising Design (MCAD), she’s built a strong reputation for her work promoting the local art scene, curating the walls of locally-owned businesses, and as an art director.

Robyne Robinson, Principal, Allied AIA & NOMA. fiveXfive Public Art Consultants
A driving force in the arts community, Minnesota received more than $3 million in commissions from Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport during Robyne’s tenure as Art Director and Consultant for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Robyne created an international Emmy-winning platform for Minnesota arts during her years as a news anchor-reporter, and made arts finance and commerce one of her key initiatives as a 2010 candidate for Lt. Governor.  She owned and curated flatland, an award winning contemporary art gallery featured in esteemed art publications such as Art News and Juxtapoz.  Robyne has served on numerous arts boards including the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).  She is also a Hubert Humphrey Public Policy Fellow at the University of Minnesota.

John Schuerman, Independent Curator
John Schuerman is an independent curator and a self-taught artist and until 2017 was the Gallery Director for Instinct Art Gallery in Minneapolis. Instinct was awarded Best New Gallery by the Star Tribune in 2015, and was a contemporary gallery with an emphasis on art that honors the natural world. Schuerman’s deep interest in nature and human nature are reflected in both his art, and his curatorial work, primarily group exhibitions focused on sociological themes. His aesthetic style and social consciousness formed as he grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin, coming of age during the cultural revolution of the late 60’s and early 70’s. His provocative exhibits engage viewers on today’s most pressing issues: Empathy, Human Overpopulation, Money, Time, Gender Perspectives, Identity, Environmentalism, and Politics. Nearly every exhibit has been covered by the press in one form or another, and several of the exhibitions have traveled elsewhere in the region after their initial run locally.

Witt Siasoco, Artist
For over 20 years, Siasoco has been actively engaged at the intersection of the arts & civic process. Siasoco was selected by the City of Minneapolis as a Creative Citymaking artist, a year-long collaboration between artists & City planners. Siasoco also received a MN State Arts Board Grant for the Richfield Artist Residency Engagement, a year long residency designed to use art as an invitation to residents to participate in planning Richfield’s future. Recently, Siasoco’s public art project This Home is Not for Sale was an Americans for the Arts’ Public Art Award recipient, highlighting compelling national public art projects.

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