Art-A-Whirl Tips

Tips on how to plan your trip & navigate through Art-A-Whirl

Whoa, Art-A-Whirl is huge – over 500 artists in over 50 locations throughout Northeast Minneapolis! Here are a couple tips to make your visit even more enjoyable (especially for you planners out there)!

  • Check out our Art-A-Whirl FAQ page! Find out where the information booths, ATM’s, and restrooms are located, the trolley stop, and where you can park (for free!).
  • The 2017 Artist Directory & Guide is now available! Pick up a copy of the official Directory/Guide to Art-A-Whirl and page through ahead of time (click here to view where you can pick up a copy of the Directory). Take note of artists you’d like to visit, familiarize yourself with the map.
  • Peruse our online Artist Directory and special Art-A-Whirl events on our website – plan out your essential stops.
  • Download the NEMAA App for free! This tool will help you navigate the event.
  • Make a day out of it! We have highlighted some awesome Northeast restaurants on the Art-A-Whirl map and in the Dining & Craft Brew Guide in the printed Artist Directory.
  • Invite some friends and family now! Art-A-Whirl is so much fun when you have a posse to Whirl with. Take the bus for free from Metro Transit, bike, ride the trolley, or walk together.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to peruse the art. Art-A-Whirl is three days long and you really could fill up the entire weekend and never see it all. Don’t rush yourself; you’re here to enjoy yourself and the artwork!
  • Spot the big red dot! Look out for huge 3-foot red Art-A-Whirl signs on the exterior of Art-A-Whirl locations. This sign means there are artists and art inside waiting for you!
  • A great way to navigate the studio buildings: Take it from the top down. Take the elevator or stairs to the highest floor and work your way around each level and down. This way you won’t miss out on any fabulous studios. Some also like to start from the bottom floor, or with their favorite artist – it’s up to you.
  • The artists have opened their doors just for you: Don’t be intimidated, come right into the studios. Art-A-Whirl is a special opportunity for you to visit private artists spaces that often aren’t open for the rest of the year.
  • Say hello! Talk to the artist, ask questions, get engaged. Feedback is important to the artists. Feel free to spend a few moments relaxing, sit down and chat in the studios. Don’t forget to sign the guestbook to stay in touch with the artist and to be updated on their progress throughout the year.
  • Buy art! If you fall in love with a piece of art, buy now. Thousands of people attend Art-A-Whirl and your favorite piece may be gone next time. It’s your chance to take home art that speaks to you.
  • Ask for your little red “I Bought Art” sticker! NEMAA Artists will be giving these out to art buyers. AND be sure to check out our list of businesses that are providing discounts to anyone wearing this sticker during Art-A-Whirl weekend!
  • Most importantly, be ready for surprises. Be flexible. Explore and discover someplace you’ve never been before. Get lost in the creativity Northeast Minneapolis offers!

And, of course don’t hesitate to contact NEMAA with any questions!


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