Nov 1, 2018 – The Call

The Way Forward

Dear Members,

As we plan for 2019, NEMAA is moving forward with several initiatives to make Art-A-Whirl a success and sustain the organizational framework to support our members year-round. Until the end of the year, we will be focused on fundraising efforts such as Give to the Max and the Year-end appeal. After Thanksgiving we will launch the call for advertisers for the spring publication and publish deadlines to renew membership in order to be included in the Directory.

Below are current main priorities for NEMAA:

Next Steps Survey

I am asking you to complete a short survey with questions for NEMAA members that we will use as a reference and guide in our decision-making going forward for Art-A-Whirl 2019. This is not the only time (or the only way) we will be reaching out to our members for feedback in the coming months, and we welcome thoughts and ideas year-round.

In order to keep things moving, this survey will be closed after two weeks. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete. Please submit your answers by Friday, November 16th, 2018.


The Wintertide call for art is now open. The biennial artists will be selected through a simplified submission process and a new jury process that will center the ideas of artist practice, studio time, and one-on-one dialogue between artists and curators. Instead of a transactional, impersonal competitive jury process, the goal will be to provide a valuable experience for applicants in which the artist’s best work can be collaboratively selected. The deadline to submit is Monday, November 26, 2018.


For Art-A-Whirl, we will be bringing back the printed member profiles directory combined with the magazine format and reinstating a proofing process. The fall issue of the N Studio magazine edited by Russ White is a beautiful piece, and I highly recommend that you look through the digital publication that we launched today, November 1st.

There will be a question on the Next Steps survey released today about including member images in the directory.

Advertising rates will need to be increased to accommodate the cost of production, editing, payments to artists and writers working on the publication, and printing. We plan on launching the call for advertisers after Thanksgiving.

2019 Budget

2019 is going to be a lean year for NEMAA, focused on our core programs and fundraising. The organization will be using the Water Bar space for storage and a place to host our phone line, mail, and printer, but I will be working remotely. NEMAA will have an interim executive director until June, and then no full-time staff scheduled until early 2020 or late 2019, when the hiring process for an Executive Director begins. There will be a coordinator hired for the AutumNE show.

The loan from Propel will be partially paid back in December, and fully paid back by January. NEMAA plans on closing all other remaining outstanding payables by February.

Operating lean means we will have to rely more than ever before on the board and our members. This is a perfect opportunity to get involved and create the change you wish to see at NEMAA and Northeast.

Membership dues

NEMAA membership dues have not been raised in 5 years. Member dues account for about 25% of NEMAA’s total operational budget and support staffing, website, marketing, and programs such as Art-A-Whirl, AutumNE, Wintertide, and professional development workshops. In order to continue supporting these things, NEMAA will need to raise dues by at least 15%. The higher we raise dues, the more resources we have towards improving website functionality, hiring additional staff, and strengthening programs.


Depending on fundraising and how members rank the aspects of Art-A-Whirl in the Next Steps survey, NEMAA will fundraise and seek sponsorships for the most highly prioritized features of Art-A-Whirl. We would also like to form an Art-A-Whirl committee that will research and advise NEMAA on ways to optimize the experience for participating artists and visitors. Members can indicate their interest in joining this committee through the member survey.


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