Sep 9, 2019 – The Call

The Next Adventure

A few weeks ago, NEMAA Board president Greg Foley announced that NEMAA had officially hired me on as Executive Director. Since that time, I am also happy to report that NEMAA has repaid all outstanding payables, and is no longer in debt. Current financial projections have us finishing the 2019 year in the black. That we have reached this point in less than a year from the financial crisis of October is something that the board and I feel very proud of. And it would not have be possible without the support of you, our member community, the faith you placed in me, and the financial backing of both new and established donors, sponsors, and contributors.

As NEMAA rebuilds its capacity and reserves, our next adventure in the NEMAA 10×10 Show, an event to raise funds for NEMAA, get original art into hundreds of homes, and showcase the work of our amazing artists on September 21st in the 3rd floor gallery of Northrup King. It is coming up fast, and artists have less than a week now (September 14) to submit work for the show.

A few members have shared with me how making artwork for 10×10 has led them down a fresh path with their art practice. One member, taking to heart my encouragement to try something new, showed me an entire wall of work she recently created in oil pastels, a different medium that she tried when making her pieces for the fundraiser. Another artist began an entirely new series of paintings based on subject matter she used for her 10×10 work, and yet another experimented with working faster and looser than she was accustomed to.

Having seen all of these pieces as artists handed them to me, I can tell you that each of them are stunning. I’ve been jokingly telling people that I’ve begun hoarding artwork for myself that will never make it to the wall of NEMAA 10×10. However, as keen as I am to purchase art, I am even more excited to share all this amazing work with others. NEMAA is selling tickets for a special preview hour ahead of the show opening to the public at 5pm on September 21st, offering first dibs on the artwork. For those in the know, this is a fabulous opportunity and could become the hottest ticket in town.

If you have yet to donate to the show, the FINAL drop-off is this Saturday, the 14th from noon-4pm in the front entrance of the Northrup King Building. This week you can still drop off work at the box outside of Tres Leches Gallery until Saturday or mail to the P.O. box. Any which way you can, please make sure we get your work. You can also help build momentum for the show by inviting your followers to attend by sharing the Facebook event post.



Anna Becker
NEMAA Executive Director

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