Mar 13, 2020 – The Call

The (almost) Ides of March

Hello members!

For those of you who missed the annual meeting (and like pie charts), you can view the agenda and financial report here. In short, after a tumultuous, challenging, exciting, and rewarding year, thanks to our amazing community, NEMAA ended 2019 with no outstanding debt and was able to set aside some reserves.

Today as I write this, a wave of prominent organizations have shut down their events and public-facing operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. That decision is not an easy one to make, especially given the negative economic repercussions of such cancellations. In those cases, leaders have put the community and public health first, and should be commended for it. For NEMAA and Art-A-Whirl, as stated by Board President Brian Burke this week, we are watching the situation closely. For now, we will continue to prepare for Art-A-Whirl on May 15th-17th as scheduled.

So, with that said, here are some 25th Art-A-Whirl updates!

We have Wet Paint to thank for contributing up to $5,000 in art supplies for Art-A-Whirl demos and interactive activities. View the application here (deadline to apply is March 30). It should also be noted that year-round NEMAA members receive 20% at Art Materials on Lyndale Ave.

The Northeast Lions Club is sponsoring the trolley this year. There will be some reconfiguration of the route, as Grumpy’s has moved their block party off the street, opening up access on 22nd Ave between California and Holland Arts Buildings.

Minneapolis Second Precinct has strongly recommended to us that the stretch of Quincy Street from Broadway Avenue up to 15th Avenue be closed to automobile traffic during Art-A-Whirl. This will also mean that cars will no longer be able to cross the train tracks on 14th by Northrup King Building. NEMAA is working with businesses and studio buildings affected by the closure, recruiting additional volunteers, and has connected with the City of Minneapolis about permitting and traffic control. In addition to the street closure, we will be setting up an Art-A-Whirl information tent, bike racks, and food truck corral in the parking lot of Quincy Hall.

That’s all for now! Keep washing your hands, go outdoors for some fresh air, and give your loved ones the tenderest of elbow bumps.


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