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Ultimate golden schiller moss aquamarine. 925 sterling silver ring. Pick a unique golden natural beryl stone. Custom ring

I wish I had the words to describe how much these stones capture the light and reflect a beautiful shimmery gold! I’ve never seen moss aquamarine like this before. Their beautiful shimmer is due to internal inclusions that occur naturally, and give them a schiller that’s similar to sunstone.

The pictured ring has sold, but I have more aquamarine stones in stock. Shoot me a message to see pictures of the stones in stock.

The stones are all unique and a product of Mother Nature! Therefore, expect some internal inclusions and natural pitting on the surface. Do message me if you want a close up picture of any of the stones!

The hardness of aquamarine is 7.5-8, so it’s pretty sturdy! Just don’t wear the ring if you’re going to be doing hard labor, such as helping a friend move.

Expect about 2 weeks to fabricate!



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