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Summoning The Familiars

12″ x 18″

4 – Layer Reduction Print

Limited Edition of 11

The wytch displays a unique inner feminine strength. Due to her fierce individuality, she is often the subject of persecution. During the Reformation era, a strain of paranoia and fear of the supernatural swept through the Catholic Church. Those who fell outside the strict behavioral norms of the time were liable to be alienated or worse. Rather than church doctrine, witches often derive their spirituality from a connection to nature, communing directly with their animal familiars, divining possible futures through astrology, and mixing potent elixirs with nature’s bountiful herbs. Their unusual ways were mistaken for black magic and devil worship, making them the target of blame for any misfortune that befell a village or farm. This paranoia resulted in thousands of wytches being burned at the stake in Europe, while in America 19 watches were hanged to death in Salem, Massachusetts in 1693. These episodes of history reveal that the cruelty actually existed within the supposed godly folk rather than any devil worshippers.


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