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Indra’s Moon – Decorative Mirror

30″ x 30″ x 5″ The story of Indra’s Net, the inspiration for this piece, is a metaphor for the matrix of our universe as a vast jeweled net. At each intersection is a jewel, reflecting itself and the other jewels back at themselves into infinity. Being inspired by this beautiful metaphor to life, I explored the net design of the torus to create the Indra moon and complimented it with the mandala, a tool of self, to create this mirror.

The moon design came from taking a sacred geometry drawing class and after I learned the story of Indra’s Net, I immediately knew I wanted to capture the net of jewels in the story. I used 4 different types of gold smalti glass for the moon, patterned with a torus swirl, and dotted with over 100 Swarovski crystals. The sun mandala and colors were inspired by the Bird of Paradise. The mirror frame is embellished with copper swirls (to generate and attract joy), Swarovski crystals, and some interesting amethyst findings I had squirreled away.

I found it interesting that many of my gemstones conferred, but chose to not be a part of this mirror. Rather, gold and crystal were the dominant materials. The bit of amethyst is just enough to add a bit of mystery…it’s as if the placement and shapes create a portal to be unlocked to access woo woo energies!

I am blown away at how beautiful this turned out.


24 ct. Gold: The master healer, symbolizes purity, and attracts wealth.

Crystal: Deep from the mother earth, crystals bring forth healing vibrations and energies to interact with our energy fields

Amethyst: Rimming the portal to the mirror, the amethyst here dissolves any negativity you may be feeling


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