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Sharing Kindness

Sharing Kindness

Witnessing Waves series

30″ x 40″ x 1.5″

acrylic on canvas

Sharing Kindness started as a study for two larger works. Studies tend to be smaller and move more rapidly from conception to actualization. About three quarters along in the process, I realized it wanted to be its own painting, and independent.

I’ve been reading about the mycelium, tiny parts of a greater fungal organism that facilitate communication between the roots of trees, allowing them to exchange nutrients, sugars, and some scientists believe, historical information. The world is a fascinating place.

It’s as if the trees are borrowing a cup of sugar when energy is low, sending over a bowl of warm soup when their neighbors are in need, and supporting each other through stormy times.

Gallery wrapped canvas which has been painted on all sides, ready to install, hardware included. There is no need to frame.


This item is for sale on the external shop for Alison Price.

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