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Media Console: Edition 2

Handmade Baltic Birch Media Console with Solid Wood Walnut or Maple Veneer

This media console is an ideal TV stand for your living room – but don’t stop dreaming there – it’s uses are limitless. At 60” long, it’s solid wood layers of Baltic birch europly, and topped with a walnut or maple veneer.

Our signature media console is the perfect mix of modern and mid-century, and it has it all, whether you’re looking for a tv stand, storage cabinet, or credenza. This piece will fit perfectly into your living room, den, or dining room.

The slatted doors nest to create a look similar to an antique speaker box (the audiophiles tell us it’s called a tweed grill cloth cover), and they can be nested on a single side, or right in the middle. The piece is made of a high-quality Baltic birch europly and is topped with solid wood veneer in either walnut or maple. It’s all real wood here – no particle board, no paper veneer, just layer after layer of real, solid wood.

Take note that each media console comes with an adjustable shelf on each side – shelf pins included. Holes can be cut in the back for cord management upon request.

We leave the edges of the media console exposed to highlight the multiple layers, which creates a beautiful, artful, and iconic striping effect, similar to the work of Charles and Raye Eames and Alvar Aalto. In fact – the slats on the doors are made of this same “edge grain” material. And let’s not forget about the legs. Custom made Baltic birch europly layers, cut on an angle, and a work of art on their own.

Handcrafted in Minneapolis. Made to order.


This item is for sale on the external shop for Hossle Woodworks.

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