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Item Available ONLY at the Art-A-Whirl POP UP! May 20-22, 2022!

Come to the store during the NE Art Crawl to see a selection of local Pagan Artists, including Roger Williamson, founder of Magus Books!

IN Roger’s words about this piece:

A painting depicting Ishtars return from the underworld through the intervention of Enki. At the bottom of the picture is Ereshkigal in her domain the underworld, with her nightside companions. On the right is Dumuzi Ishtars consort who walks into oblivion, the price for her return to life. Damuzi is representative of the male condemned to a dark colorless underworld because he fails to acknowledge and express his feminine aspects and because of his cowardice in not assisting in Ishtar’s return from the underworld. Ishtar herself is the central figure with her totem animal the lioness. Freed from the underworld and empowered by it she returns to her own realm in day. The back ground of the painting is Enki, the light which brings release.

Dimensions: 72x36in

Medium: Oil on Canvas


This item is for sale on the external shop for Magus Books and Herbs.

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