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18″ x 24″
oil on canvas.

This painting feels like what I can’t say very well. I’ve been reflecting heavily on what home is recently for a variety of reasons. What home is to me has always been a hard concept to grasp. I’ve never felt grounded or connected to one place. So, I’m realizing home is not a place as much as a family. My search for home is now finding comfort for family. When my family can sit and melt into the ground and stop and sit that feels like home.

Green has become the color I’m drawn to today. I’m painting with so much instinct right now is maybe the best way to put it. To grow and learn as a painter I must be open to surprising myself, try new colors and new lines. To grow as a painter and not remain stagnant and stale I feel a need to renew and let the old go and nurture the new. What I’m surprised by is how often I forget that letting go of the old is so helpful and important to embracing the new.

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