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Father and Son

Original acrylic on canvas 24″x 48″.

This painting represents one of the main characters of the intriguing Ottana Carnival: sos Merdules.

Su Merdule wears white sheep skins, a black woman’s headscarf on his head, and a black pearwood anthropomorphic mask with an emotional expression. Often the mask is deformed with a twisted mouth, prominent teeth, and a long hooked nose. Su Merdule does not wear any cowbells, but He wears leather pads and the typical shepherd’s shoes.

He carries a peculiar stick and a leather whip. Maybe his name has its roots in the Nuragic time: it comes from the words “mere” (master) and “ule” (ox), meaning “the master of the ox”.

Giclèe Fine Art prints are also available.

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