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Creeping Bellflower

Oil painting, 12″x12″ plus 3/4″ wide ornate black/gold wooden frame.  Painted for my Pretty Weeds art show, which will run May through July 2024 at Sociable Cider Werks.

Label text:

Creeping Bellflower

Flower size: ¾ inch to 1.5 inches long

Scientific name: Campanula rapunculoides

Other common names: rampion bellflower, European bellflower, rover bellflower

Native to central and southern Europe and Siberia

Wreaking havoc in parts of North America including my yard in northeast Minneapolis

If this pretty bitch appears in your yard, kill it! Long ago, it tricked its way into my garden with its beauty. In the ensuing decades I’ve dug it up, mowed it down, buried it beneath bricks and layers of newspapers, and even hand-painted its leaves with Roundup concentrate. Once it’s established, nothing kills it. Beware this evil beauty. Best enjoyed as art.


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