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Camping at Cracker Lake

As it started to get late, I decided to walk back up the hill to cook dinner away from our tents because you need to be bear aware and not cook where you sleep. It was a great hike to Cracker Lake in Montana’s Glacier National Park and the turquoise color of the lake was even more impressive in person. It was my first time seeing a lake like this and I found myself very intrigued about what made it this color. I quietly pondered that question the next day on our hike back. I would later find out that this is caused by rock flour which is created by glaciers moving and grinding down the rock where it eventually washes down settles into the lake. You won’t see this color though until the light hits it, turning it turquoise. The color can shift depending on the angle of light and the amount of rock flour.

Prints are signed and numbered.

*8×12 and 12×18 prints have an additional 1/2 inch white border.


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