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6017 – Sacred Sunflower Essence

Size: 15″ Diameter
Inner Mirror: 6″

Envelop yourself in the radiant energy of the Sacred Sunflower Essence, a mesmerizing mosaic mirror that beckons you to explore its depths and embrace the transformative power of the sunflower symbol. Vibrant yellow petals, like rays of sunshine, dance around a central mirror, reflecting warmth, happiness, and hope. Dark brown mirror tiles contrast with the bright glass, creating a harmonious balance that captivates the eye. But the true magic lies within the emerald-encrusted rim, where raw gemstones pulse with ancient energy. Emeralds, sacred stones of healing and balance, infuse the mirror with intentions of self-love, joy, and emotional healing. Their soothing presence unlocks creative potential, enhances focus, and invites inner peace. Like a portal to the heart chakra, the emeralds connect you to the Earth and the universal source of love. Delicate copper rings and sparkling Austrian crystals add a touch of enchantment, guiding the flow of positive energy and illuminating the mirror with a mystical glow. As you gaze into the Sacred Sunflower Essence, immerse yourself in its transformative energy, embrace the beauty of the sunflower, and discover the hidden depths of your own reflection.


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