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015 Tracking Dracula, an Armchair Power point presentation

Published in 1897, Bram Stoker’s Gothic novel, Dracula, launched an entire genre of literature and film about vampires, those sinister figures who use their supernatural powers to hunt humans and drink their blood.

From the stone cold crypt beneath St. Michan’s Church in Dublin to the magnificent ruin of Whitby Abbey in England to the storied castles of Romania once frequented by Vlad Tepes, known by reputation as “Vlad the Impaler,” June Gossler Anderson traces the stories and the influences that led to the creation of Bram Stoker’s timeless masterpiece of horror, “Dracula.”
June is the author of ten published books; two of them histories with a paranormal twist, along with a fictional multicultural mystery of supernatural proportions. She has traveled on the dark side to five different Old World countries with her group of paranormal peeps. It is upon her travels to three of them, Ireland, England, and Transylvania in Romania, that her presentation, “Tracking Dracula,” is based.
She has gathered over 60 pictures to illustrate her hour-long presentation, “Tracking Dracula” for the residents of senior facilities to enjoy in the comfort and safety of their armchairs as it is brought to them via Zoom during this Time of the Corona Virus.

For booking information about this narrated power point presentation, please contact:
June Anderson

763-434-3132  612-300-5977

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