Jul 16, 2019 – The Call

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraiser

While the course of NEMAA has steadied and we can see a way to finish 2019 in the black, we are still dealing with significant financial constraints that limit our capacity to bring on much-needed additional staff and administer programming for the membership outside of Art-A-Whirl. NEMAA currently lacks the space, staff capacity, and funds to mount the annual Fall Fine Arts/AutumNE member art show. Rather than leave a hole in fall programming this year, the challenge, then, was for NEMAA to create a way to raise funds and to provide artist members with a way to connect with each other and the wider community.

Inspired by the successful Art 4 Shelter model, the NEMAA 10×10 show was conceived of by intrepid NEMAA artist Alison Price, and artists and hardworking rock star board members Anna Palmquist and Krista Marino as a combination of a fundraiser for NEMAA and a way to showcase and create buzz around our members’ art. The concept centers on presenting hundreds of pieces of 10-inch by 10-inch artwork, unmounted and unframed, ready to be taken off the wall and purchased for $35. All proceeds go to NEMAA. The show has a “bootstrap” quality; where artists are the ones lifting up their organization with their own best asset – their talent. Members can submit work on card stock, watercolor paper, or canvas cut from a larger piece. Artists who work in 3D can submit work that fits in a 10″x 10″ x 10″ parameter.

The event presents an opportunity to display the depth and breadth of artists and work that thrive in Northeast Minneapolis, and to connect with art buyers of all backgrounds at an affordable price point. Emerging artists’ work will be side by side with seasoned professionals’ and everyone in between. From an onlooker’s point of view, who made the art will be a mystery until a purchaser claims a piece off the wall (or pedestal). During the show visitors will be hand-selecting pieces they love and discovering if it is an artist they admire or someone completely new. Artwork will be labeled on the back and art buyers will receive artist contact info at checkout, as well as having the option of snapping pics at a selfie station to highlight their artwork finds. At the end of the evening, we hope to have placed original member artwork into hundreds of local homes and offices, built connections between artists and potential clients that will continue to bear fruit over time, and raised enough money for NEMAA to continue to heal and grow.

Contributing to the show is meant to be fun and easy. We are asking NEMAA members to submit as many pieces of artwork as they wish that fits in a 10-inch by 10-inch format. The majority of the work will hang from wire in the 3rd floor gallery of Northrup King during Northrup King Nights Open Studios on September 21st, 2019. In between summer art fairs and fall/winter show applications, we want artists to have fun making small works, either in their classic style, or trying something completely new. We are already mounting a media campaign to highlight artists contributing to the show, and I am excited to be working with a freshly-minted volunteer social media team as we use the 10×10 show to find our rhythm and build out NEMAA’s platform. Donated pieces can be mailed to a special extra large PO box, or dropped off at Tres Leches Gallery in Northrup King. View the submission guidelines here. The deadline to contribute is September 14th, 2019.

Please join us as we embrace something new.

– Anna Becker, NEMAA Interim Executive Director

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