Susan Warner


    Individual Artist
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    Painting, Pastel
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    Susan M Warner
    2645 Fillmore St. NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55418


Susan Warner – Artist Statement

At a time of my life when I can return to exploring and learning, I decided to explore and learn how to make art.  The first step in that process is learning to see.  I am constantly looking and framing scenes – noticing patterns caused by shadows, how light lands on a tree, the shape of a path that makes me wonder what is around the corner.  I study the work of other artists – the magic of a pastel master who can suggest a flame with dashes of red and yellow and a fleck of blue.  I want to do that!

My challenge to myself is to master the medium of Pastel.  Painting with pastel is pure and basic.  It is grabbing pure color and putting it directly onto a surface that is rich with texture.  It’s like returning to the joy of coloring as a child.

My work falls into the impressionist category, while some pieces lean towards realism and others towards abstract.  The subjects vary as well, with most of my images coming from nature, since that’s where I spend a lot of time.  Others are interesting souvenirs from places I’ve been.   I want to celebrate these glimpses into my world and always continue to explore.

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