Susan Frame


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    California Building
    2205 California St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55418
    Suite 207A


Susan Frame is a painter, poet, published author, and teacher who has been playing with ink for more than 45 years. She began by studying classical sumi-e and ink wash painting. From there, she “made it her own” by integrating non-traditional with traditional techniques while developing a loose and personal style. She is a pioneer of vertical brush-writing in English.

Frame draws on her own experiences for subject matter and is recognized for her energetic, “from the heart” approach. She believes that experimentation is a key to artistic growth, and she constantly plays with new techniques and ideas. Susan paints spontaneously, often beginning a new painting without a sketch or a plan. She exhibits and teaches worldwide, and maintains a professional studio in the arts district of NE Minneapolis.

Frame says, A simple flower in my garden inspires me, as does the Northern Minnesota drama of  cathedral trees and cascading waterfalls. To me, nature is deep and beautiful — the beauty and wonder replenish my soul. All of that, rolled into one, is the subject of all of my work. For me, painting is a spiritual process. I hope my work brings beauty and peace to you.  

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