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John A Olson


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    Northrup King Building
    1500 Jackson St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    Studio 435


John Olson’s passion for photography transforms into an adventure full of wonder, joy, and curiosity, as if life is presenting itself for the first time. He visually seizes life‘s many aspects of work and play creating meaning and emotion in images by conjuring up the viewer’s own nostalgic experiences.

As an artist working in the medium of photography, he experiments with various unique photographic processing techniques, bringing out an interpretation of the subject, and not necessarily what is there on the surface. Motion, visual perspectives, and three-dimensional space are favorite themes of his. An award winning photographer, he has exhibited throughout the Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota area.

John specializes in photographing the beauty of architectural elements, images with equestrian themes, rodeo action, and the rural environment. Currently, he is working on a project focusing on American retrospectives. His book, “Vintage America: The Rodeo,” is one part of a series devoted to an incarnation of times past. He is a co-owner of Lens Prose Gallery and Studio, and a native of Minnesota with a degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota. He likes working with subjects in motion and is presently working on a dance project with DA Dance and choreographer, Denise Armstead.

Teaching photography and digital photo editing techniques has been a long time passion of his.  He feels that sharing experiences and knowledge helps a community grow in a healthy way, developing both the teacher and the student.

Please come visit and see my studio partners Cynthia Fleury’s, Brian Billadeau’s and my latest works, at our Lens Prose Gallery Studio #435 in the Northrup King Building. We are open most Saturdays noon-4pm, First Thursday Night of each month, Art-A-Whirl®, Art Attack, and many other special events, or by appointment.

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