Susan Weinberg


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    California Building
    2205 California St NE
    Minneapolis, MN, 55418
    Studio 407/409

I tell stories through both paint and word.  It is through story that we best understand the experience of others and expressing stories visually embeds it in our memory. I tell the stories that I feel are important for others to understand and express them through paint and mixed media.  My paintings often take the form of portraits and collage-like imagery.

My stories began with family history and led to an exploration of cultural and community heritage, often through the lens of memory.  A series of interviews of elders fed a recent body of work, sharing stories of immigration and life in immigrant communities. That artwork, together with oral histories forms my recently published book titled We Spoke Jewish: A Legacy in Stories.

While my past work was often figurative, I have been moving in a new direction. I have been involved with the Jewish Artists’ Lab since it began in 2012. Our current topic relates to global warming and climate change, I became enamored with trees as witnesses throughout time. My most recent series relates to such topics as deforestation and flooding with trees as central figures in this drama that threatens to destroy our world.


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