Inside The Robot

Linnea Maas


    Individual Artist
  • Artist Medium

    Digital, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
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    Sleepy V's Donut Shop
    1226 2nd St NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413


So, Why Robots?

We are all wired to connect. Every human is born craving connection, wanting to be seen, to be respected, and to be able to live joyfully.

Connection is sparked when something brings our attention to the common threads that draw us together. It is the source of our empathy and how we most deeply understand the complexities of our world.

The Robots are programmed to trigger feelings of connection. Saturated, delicious, colors grab your attention. The glowing eyes look right at you. Their expressions bypass the brain layers that process language, straight to the emotional processing core, and suddenly, you understand the Robot in a curiously Human way before you can even name the feeling.

The Robots activate that place within where we simply feel; create a state of play where we are open to connection; allow us to feel part of something bigger and see the unity of our existence.

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